Old Timer's Day, Graduation, and Wood Floors

Since our last update on here we have had a few shows.

We danced in front of a good crowd on the square for Old Timer's Day. I think the best part was seeing the little kids dancing in the crowd. 

We've also had graduation for our latest class of beginners, the class of Fall 2012. Congratulations to all the graduates. 

There have been other shows as well. For instance, East Coffee Elementary School has invited to clog in their gym twice. Yep. A gym. With WOOD floors. Yes, WOOD FLOORS. ... If you can't tell from the screaming capital letters, I really like dancing on wood floors, most cloggers do. ... The first show was for their Fall Festival and we even got one of their teachers, Mr. Shores, to dance with us. The second show was for the children who stay for ESP. They seemed to really enjoy it, though I think the teachers and aids enjoyed some of it even more than the children. 

Now that I have wood floors on the mind, this would be a good time to mention the Smokey Mountain Encore (and the wood stage, of course). We will be attending the clogging convention again this year and we plan to do another exhibition routine on the stage. In fact, we have already started working on the routine, but the details shall remain inside our group for now.